Even if I crack ,

Even if I break,

Or I may even shatter,

But I can act like whole .
I create gaps between,

Parts of my own self,

Not to keep them apart,

But to give them space to grow.
I fill those gaps with experiences,

I seal those gaps with lessons.
I am not afraid of being shattered,

This is unique,

This is a celebration,

Because this makes me different.


To angry ones out there.

Anger is something when you give punishment to yourself for mistakes of others .

Yes sometimes people screw you over and you feel like shouting at them and in the end you end up crying. So whenever you feel like shouting at someone just relax and think whether this thing will matter after 5 years or not .

And if it is insignificant just don’t waste your time in energy. 

Sometime it’s not anger, you are hurt sometimes .It is like you feel betrayed and cheated. It’s then when you should tell yourself that the world is full of morons and you don’t always get what you give .

Just be calm and think even if you didn’t get what you expected at least you gave it to them , and your good is bound to get back to you. The more you give the more you get. It comes back to you in some form or the other.

 No words can grant you peace ,but you yourself can and this is real Redemption ,forgive the ones who haven’t asked for it .Just don’t repeat the sequence in your brain again and again because in the end you curse yourself for not doing such things not not saying this or that .Discover yourself a Calming exercise like writing ,reading, eating chocolates ,just busting out in front of some close friend etc.

Remember no matter how much restless you are right now, it will end and things you do will remain forever.

काश वो बचपन लौट आए ।

​काश वो बचपन लौट आए,

जब माँ की गोद ही थी सबकुछ,

पापा का कन्धा ही था  जन्नत।

होमवर्क कर लेना ही थी पढाई,

और शाम का खेल था चुप्पम छुपाई।
काश वो बचपन लौट आए,

जब जिद करना हमारा हक़ था,

और पूरी न होना हमारी मायूसि कारण।

जिसे दूर करने मे सब जूट जाते ।

अब न मायूसि के वो साधारण से कारण,

बल्कि अब मायूसि हे है साधारण ।
काश वो बचपन लौट आए,

जब हंसी बेफिक्री थी,

चेहरा जरा भोला था,

शरीर कुछ ज्यादा फुर्तीला था।
काश वो बचपन लौट आए,

जब चॉकलेट ही जरूरत थी,

खिलौनो की ही नुमाइश थी,

खेल भी अपना था ,और अंत भी ,

अब पता चला न खेल है अपना ,

न अंत है अपना।

काश वो बचपन लौट आए।

The shoe store

Today just step into some shoes.

But ,not yours someone else’s.

Slip into them ,

And feel.
Are you,

Happy and gay?

Are you ,

Smiling and cheerful?

Are you,

Dancing and swaying?

If so,

These shoes are fantastic aren’t they?


What if…

You are ,

confused and worried?

You are,

Angry and sad?

You are,

Crying and helpless?

You are,

Sick and dying?

These other shoes are ridiculous 

Aren’t they?

Let’s find some other ones.

But what if they are ridiculous ones?
The shoes are just shoes my friend,

Alas! They don’t matter.

The feet in them does.
So,today just step into any shoe,

And take them to a place ,

Where everyone wants to step into them,

Slip into them,

And feel them.