You are sad ,think of all the times when you have been happy . Remember ,when you feel like giving up the reason should be bigger than the one you started with. We try to become better individuals, better humans everyday. Just think there are many people who survive much worse . They aren’t victims they are survivors ,they survive not because they are used to pain but because the hope for a better future .

There are endless things which render hopelessness to you, but you must think about that one thing which gives you hope . Every tree blooms and bears flowers there is no guarantee that the Pollen will come and make it a fruit ,nor is it sure about its fate but still every tree blooms , without any expectation . If someday the nature loses its hope surely all of us will die .Similarly you must concentrate on your one single good thought and give it your best shot because a tree needs to Bloom first to bear  the fruits and if you lose hope and don’t even become the flower the Pollen is useless to you. If you feel nothing is appropriate maybe you haven’t bloomed yet or, the Pollen is not around just go with the flow and take your chances because the best thing you have is the hope and you must go on .


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